@jaylungo's Top 10

@jaylungo's Top 10

Being influenced by Moritz, I decided to pick my own Top 10 from the store. My biggest concern was it only being jackets, but after all I am super happy with the items I picked!


Roa Katharina (Silver Taupe)

Seing Patrick Stangbye teasing ROA shoes for a year straight, I was amazed how ROA managed to create the best for both the fashion world and the hiking community. You could catch me doing a 3-day hike in the alps and this would be the shoe I would wear.


Veilance Field Jacket (Forage)

Since Arc’teryx is my main source for clothes, I clearly looked into Veilance and to be honest, I was a little sceptical at the beginning. It grew on me super fast though and I can’t get this ultra clean jacket out of my head right now. That's my must have this winter.


Klättermusen Brimer Backpack 32L (Monkshood Blue)

The item I used the most this year is this Klättermusen backpack. 10-days of hiking and carrying your own tent or just a quick bike ride to my grandmother, wanting to bring a bottle of wine and some cookies. It’s always the perfect choice.


Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup 450 (Blue)

For me, Snow Peak is this one item that is irreplaceable from the first use on. Picking up this amazing cup and realising how light it is and how well it is made, changed my whole perception of the brand and well… I might even have to replace my dishes and use it at home.


Eye C Inventory Control No. 5 AW 2021-2

Just a nice magazine. It always lays around and is the easiest conversation starter I have at home. Perfect for every GORP coffee table. 


Klättermusen Ansur Cap (Dove Raven)

This is the best fitting cap ever produced! Not arguing about it. Its elastic band and the light materials make it so perfect for a quick hike. It looks amazing on the head and also super good hanging on your Klättermusen backpack where it’s modular system allows you to attach it to.


Osprey Heritage Waist Pack 8 Nanofly (Black White Grid)

Osprey never disappoints. When you hold one of their backpacks in your hands, you feel the urge to go outside and with a 8L waist pack you can bring a lot. Attach a waterbottle and you can go all day just by bringing this waist bag.


Gramicci G Pant (Black)

Whenever I look for pants, the Gramicci page is my go-to. They fit perfectly on my waist and you can wear them with anything. Combine them with a hoodie or wear them with a t-shirt and you can be sure that this outfit is banging!


Klättermusen Algir Multislots Bag (Raven)

Nothing is as satisfying as attaching all your Klättermusen bags to one another and walking around, knowing that you have so many pockets and no idea in which you put your phone and where your keys are. But hey, it’s Klättermusen and I love it.


and Wander Cutlery Set (Silver)

Thats all I need. If you have used it once, you will never go back. If I eat soup at home, we are having a grill party at the end of our hike, or if they only offer plastic cutlery at the hut. Trust me, you'll always want to use it.

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