Moritz's current top 10

Moritz's current top 10

Picking a top 10 is always difficult. You start by doing a list of all the pieces you would want to have on it. Usually it's way more than 10, so you need to narrow it down. Having crossed out several pieces and finally ending up with 10, there's another piece that comes to your mind which should be on that list as well and you start again. So here it is, the fifth and final version of my current top 10.

Socks are often overlooked. 
I really care about socks though. They have to have the right length, thickness, colour, and most importantly, the right feel. What makes these Rototo's so perfect is that they use loop backed organic cotton on the inside, providing just that little extra tweak of comfort. Merino wool on the outside keeps your feet warm in winter.
Jon always says they're like sweatshirts for your feet and he's absolutely right.

This is the shirt of the season.
Nanamica, one of my absolute favorites, always fascinates me with their styles and fits. This season they delivered an extremely soft flannel overshirt. Coming in an oversized, drop shoulder fit, this can be used as an overshirt or a jacket. You could even wear a hoodie underneath it. 

For me personally, sweatshirts are a difficult one just because of how they fit.
I'm more of a hoodie guy. This one though is close to perfection. 
What absolutely stands out with this crewneck is it's softness. It's as soft as it can get. Being a technical brand, and Wander not only have made this crew neck really lightweight, they're even using a special 3D layer knit fabric to keep you warm. The fabric holds a layer of air close to your body, like a pocket basically. This air gets heated up by your body temperature. I love techy details like this!

Gramicci pants are essential pieces in my personal wardrobe. I love them not only because they're durable, I also love the fit. These particular pants stand out of the Gramicci collection because of their colour and the cropped fit. An off-white look just works perfectly in the transition period between summer and autumn. The front utility pockets add the final touch.

Handcrafted in Italy. A super soft green suede upper and a Vibram chopper sole. The One Hiker is a proper winter shoe that doesn't miss out on comfort and style. Orange details on the laces and the heel tap are a lovely contrast to the sage green. What's really special about this shoe is it's chopper sole. It does not only give you a soft feel, it's actually really well made. As soon as you put pressure on the sole, it spreads out and increases it's surface, giving you that little bit of extra stability that you would want to have on rainy days or when it's icy.

I really don't like having things in my pockets, which is why I always have a pouch with me. Most of the time they're a bit to big though. This CMF bag is the perfect size to fit your phone, airpods, and a small wallet. You can easily attach your keys on the outside, using the S-Biner Clip or the molle straps. The stretch woven belt also feels really comfortable on your shoulder.
The perfect sized pouch to keep all your essentials in.

Nanamica, again. 
Focusing on clean looks, nice fabrics and perfect fits, these pants encapsulate all the aspects that Nanamica is about. 
The technical cotton mix gives them a quicker drying, super soft feel. These also have a wide fitting, unique look. Small details, like an off-set inside leg seam to avoid rubbing, show why Nanamica is the go-to-brand for everyday clothing.

I love essentials. And I really love Snow Peak.
This turtleneck works with every outfit and for every occasion. The very clean look is almost like an understatement. Perfection in simplicity. By using a heavyweight cotton fabric, Snow Peak make sure that the garment falls nicely to create a looser fit. The turtleneck adds the last touch to make it winter appropriate.
It's also a really great layering piece.

This september I had the chance to visit the Norse Projects design studio in Copenhagen. Being a fan of their Arktisk line from the first time I saw the product, this was truly an experience. This jacket has always been my favorite of them. A classic fit in bright blue, Pertex waterproof fabric, and recycled down. They even added a two-way zipper. For someone like me, who's always freezing, this is the perfect winter jacket.

Just take a minute to look at this bottle and see how beautiful it is. 
Hand crafted without welding from a single piece of titanium in Japan, Snow Peak just delivered the perfect bottle. Please only touch with gloves because it's a piece of art.

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