Music of our minds: December 22

Music of our minds: December 22

Recently many people have been asking, what we are playing in the shop. Mostly it’s just what we like, but we thought that as a little pre-Christmas gift, I could show you what I am listening to throughout a working day.

Brian Eno - Reflection 
I usually start very slow in the mornings. Brian Eno’s Reflection is one the most beautiful records I know. The sound carpets he creates with his perfectly balanced synth-notes is just perfect to start your day with a good cup of coffee.

Foam and Sand - Full Circle
A bit more rhythmic but still quite slow is Foam and Sand’s Full Circle. Yes, I love synth-sounds. So this is the perfect follow-up to Reflection.

Carla dal Forno - Look up Sharp
Carla dal Forno is a big favorite of ours. She is just so much better than all of us. Her lyrics are full of irony (maybe?), her voice is pure, her baselines are honest. You should check out all her records.

HTRK - Venus in Leo
The perfect follow up is HTRK’s - Venus in Leo. It’s a great mix of drum machines, acoustic guitars, Jonnie Standish’s gloomy but beautiful voice, and lots of echo and reverb. As you can see, we’re getting more and more rhythmic throughout the day.

Burial - Tunes 2011-2019
We’re in the late afternoon now, it’s getting dark outside. Burial’s Tunes 2011-2019 is my go to record for this time of the day, even for the whole season. In my opinion, this collection is truly a masterpiece. Being a huge Burial fan, I listen to this record almost every day. For some it might just sound like cracks and voices randomly mixed together, but to me there’s so much more to it. It’s the perfect balance of melodic and rhythmic parts, sampled voice interludes, 12 minute anthems and ravey tunes. Burials unique drum sounds when it’s dark outside just lift you into a higher sphere.

 Actress - Dummy Corporation
The darker it gets, the ravier the tunes. Actress’ new Dummy Corporation is an amazing record to end the day. Dreams just makes this last hour of the day super fun. You’ll definitely feel your body wanting to move.
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