Out of München

Out of München

A little something we worked on over the summer actually came to life on 21st October.

It’s not about being fast “only”. But knowing your city, settling scores with your friends, seeing another side of Munich, win bragging rights, Drink cold beers with good people.

A 5km street race starting and finishing outside the store.

The plan was simple:

We invited a bunch of friends and interesting people to race.

Route was secret. All they knew was that there were 2 checkpoints and the distance was 5km.


1st checkpoint was released at the starting line.

You had to hit each checkpoint but other than that you chose your route.

Weather was good. Pace was quick. Fun was had. Everyone won.


Next round is being planned as we speak. Everyone that entered is invited again and can bring 1 friend.

Big thanks to Christian Brecheis and Domi and to all the runners and supporters for making this happen.

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