Stay At Home Comforts

Stay At Home Comforts

In light of being stuck at home, we wanted to share with you the best ‘Stay At Home Comforts’ we have to offer.

As the world outside slowly decelerates, try to follow suit. Try and see this time as an opportunity to slow down and, where possible, find comfort in your own space.



Incense Sticks from And Wander with Kuumba International

The aroma of your living space can have a significant impact on your wellbeing. Harness the uplifting powers of scent with Tangerine, Basil, Lavender and Patchouli incense sticks. The set also comes with a tent peg aluminium holder that can be pushed into either the ground or a plant pot for use outside or inside.



Blankets from Klippan

These Swedish woollen blankets are the epitome of comfort. Super soft and warm they are also surprisingly lightweight. Made by Klippan in their own factory using only the finest natural materials they’re the ideal living room accessory.



The Satisfy Studio Range

The running obsessed guys over at Satisfy have been ripping up the running rule book since their founding in 2015. Changing it up this SS20 season, they have debuted the Satisfy Studio range, bringing the same performance led, free movement design to a yoga-focused range. Perfect for staying home.



Socks from RoToTo and WigWam

These socks are crafted to endure epic hikes over snow-peaked mountains while never compromising on comfort. And since you've no real need for footwear in the immediate future, these socks sound like the ideal replacement for those long afternoons spent trekking from the living room all the way to the kitchen.



Tactical Chair from Helinox

If you're lucky enough to have a garden or perhaps a south-facing balcony - or if you'd like to just imagine that you're in the great outdoors - there's no better chair in which to enjoy the taste of fresh air and feeling of sunshine on skin.



Coffee mugs from And Wander and Snowpeak

With your daily routine so immensely disrupted, it is important to hold on to whatever small pieces of normality that you can. So when it comes to your ritual of sipping coffee and staring into space, enjoy it with one of these thermal insulating mugs in your hand.

And remember, when all this is over, all of the above are wilderness ready.

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