Houdini are pushing the boundaries of how outdoor clothing is made. 100% of the fabrics used are recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable or Bluesign® certified. 63% of the product is from a circular lifecycle (aiming for 100% within 4 years).

They are recycling, renting, repairing and reusing their way to a new, sustainable outdoor industry.

Just as importantly Houdini believe that the best clothes are the ones that let you bike to work, fix a flat tire, attend a business meeting, go climbing in the evening and still look sharp all the way.

Product that makes you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Houdini Weather Shorts (Bucket Blue) On sale
Houdini Crux Shorts (Reed Beige) On sale


Crux Shorts Reed Beige

€68,00 €87,68

Houdini Big Up Tee (Bucket Blue) On sale


Big Up Tee Bucket Blue

€38,00 €48,69

Houdini Big Up Tee (Dreams of Blue) On sale
Houdini Big Up Tank (True Black) On sale


Big Up Tank True Black

€35,00 €43,81

Houdini Cover Crew (Ground Grey) On sale


Cover Crew Ground Grey

€74,95 €97,43

Houdini Power Air Houdi (Ground Grey) On sale
Houdini Come Along Jacket (Sunny May) On sale
Houdini Daybreak Pullover (True Black) On sale