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Yosemite Strap by F/CE

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Never drop your phone again. Just clip this climbing rope to your phone case. 

The Yosemite Strap was born from an encounter with a climber during a photography trip to Yosemite National Park in California, and was conceived as a camera strap using a real climbing rope. It also gives you options to attach key rings. 

Hello, new standard: your phone, your cash, your keys, all in one. Your hands are free.

Designed by Satoshi Yamane and Asami Yamane F/CE. combines functionality and contemporary fashion to create clothing and bags built for exploration.

The attention to detail and quality blows us away every time we use one of their pieces.

Key features: 

Durable climbing rope; Secure alligator lock system; Leather hooks to attach key rings; Length: 120cm; Suitable for any smartphone case with a hole at the bottom

100% Polyester

One Size

Length: 120cm

Email or call for any measurement information.

Made in Japan