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Gjord Stretch Belt

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The Gjord Stretch Belt is a functional belt for various outdoor activities.

The stretch material and the adjustable lock makes it flexible and adjustable to any size. The hook lock closure makes the belt durable and easy to lock and unlock

Klättermusen – the world’s most refined mountaineering equipment.

Rigorous testing in real-world conditions embodies Klättermusen's commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment available.

This is some of the toughest outdoor gear available, but the design aesthetic is amazing, making it wearable in all conditions.

Plus, who could say no to the little ‘Climbing Mouse’?

Key Features:

Made from a polyester and natural rubber webbing; Durable hook lock closure; Klättermusen logo woven into webbing.

80% Polyester/ 20% Natural Rubber

105cm long, 3cm wide

Email or call for any measurement information.