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Norse Projects ARKTISK

Norse Top Tech Beanie

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The Norse Top Tech Beanie is knitted in a blend of extra-fine Merino wool with innovative 37.5® technology in a fine rib structure. This soft and luxurious yarn is breathable and benefits from the natural properties of merino wool.

37.5® Technology is dynamic as it works with your body to determine if you need warming or cooling based on the amount of humidity next to your skin. 37.5 particles capture the infrared (IR) energy your body emits and speeds up the evaporation process to cool the wearer. If no moisture is present, the IR energy is returned to provide warmth. 

37.5® Technology is developed with active particles that naturally occur in volcanic minerals. Embedding these into fibres and yarns produces a highly durable product with no loss of active-particle concentration over time. 37.5® Technology fabrics carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certifications of 37.5 polyester staple fibre and filament yarns.

Norse Projects ARKTISK is a system for all conditions by Norse Projects borne from a desire to innovate and deliver solutions for the exploration of any terrain.

Representing the extended R&D lab of Norse Projects and providing innovative outfitting solutions imbued with innovative garment technology designed to enhance performance, comfort and functionality in all conditions.

Key Features:

12 gauge/ 2 ply Merino wool mix yarn; 37.5® treated polyester yarn for enhanced comfort; Machine washable.

65% Merino Wool/ 35% Polyester

One Size