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Snow Peak

Titanium Aurora Bottle 800

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Hand crafted without welding from a single piece of titanium by highly skilled craftsmen in Tsubame-sanjo, Japan, the Titanium Aurora bottle 800 is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen.

It just feels so nice in your hand and drinking from it is a pleasure.

The walls are just 0.4mm thick for lightness, and the bottom is a thicker, 1mm, to prevent denting if dropped, whilst the 0.8mm-thick mouthpiece is designed to feel great on the lips, and to be super easy to clean.

Family run for 60 years, Snow Peak creates radically innovative products focused on quality, functionality, timeless-durability and considered design. 

Snow Peak are the epitome of Modern Outdoor. And they like coffee. 

Key Features:

Moulded from seamless titanium; 800ml capacity; Reinforced base for durability; Easy clean and hygienic mouthpiece;  

100% Titanium

800ml capacity

225mm x 80mm

To preserve the printed logo on your bottle we recommend you wash the item by hand, dishwashing may cause the printing to lose adhesion and come away.

Made in Japan.